Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Vegas: One More False Flag Attack

Yesterday at 10:00 pm in Las Vegas right in front of the Mandalay Bay Casino another supposed mass-shooting occurred at the Route-91 Harvest Festival involving a crowd of 22,000 people.

A shooter began emptying his fully automatic rifle from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino onto the crowd below for 10-15 minutes, leaving 58 dead and 515 wounded...supposedly.

I say supposedly because this CIA-run government and  CIA-run media have gotten into the habit of simply LYING and MAKING UP events and images which are expected to be taken seriously enough to actually inspire laws to alter American society - especially when it comes to gun control.

Like many people, I was alarmed and outraged at the first news of the massacre.

But with patient viewing and re-viewing of the actual footage of the event, my common sense started coming back.

These people, I thought, have a penchant for ‘creating’ false massacre events, covering up the reality of the event ever having actually happened, persecuting and censoring investigators who seek to find the facts on the event, and then having the media repeat the exact same accounts while using false witnesses to back up the event.

These ‘witnesses’ and ‘victims’ have already been caught being crisis actors LYING about their experience and the supposed victims have been repeatedly been seen to be alive and unscathed, making the event a drill presented as an actual event.

This is what happened at the Sandy Hook Shooting in 2012, the Boston Bombing of 2013, the San Bernardino Shooting in 2015, the Orlando Nightclub Shooting in 2016...and now the Las Vegas Shooting of 2017.

All outrageously fake drill masked as reality, with plenty of video evidence to PROVE IT.

Below is my article on the San Bernardino Shooting

So I stopped, and thought, in all my immense wisdom:

“if they did it before...and again...and again...why wouldn’t they do it...AGAIN!”

What an eureka moment!

I went back, looked at the footage AGAIN and the results were less than convincing that a massacre producing 58 dead and 500 wounded people ...ever really happened.

To begin with, we must look at the set up - in other words all the props, people and plot backing whatever is said to have happened.

One man...a liberal...who lived well in a retirement community...who owned two planes....was happy living with his girlfriend...was never suspected by his relatives of any craziness...

...somehow got a room in the 32nd floor of the  Mandalay Hotel overlooking the parking lot where the Harvest Music festival was supposed to take place three days later...

...smuggling in 20 combat rifles...with enough ammunition shoot and hit 560 people (you figure in all the misses and you got A LOT of ammunition)...which brings to mind, when are they ever going to count how much ammunition he had and how much of it he shot off? (it must have been cases!).

So the first question is HOW DID He SMUGGLE 20 RIFLES and giant amounts of ammunition into a hotel room overlooking a mass crowd gathering locale?

The kicker was that hotel employees DID repeatedly enter his room before the shooting and failed to notice anything weird at all.

OK, the shooting begins a 10:00 pm on the night of the concert and he supposedly shoots at least 560 people, killing 58 of them.

Count it, that’s at lease 600 rounds of rifle ammunition (at least!) he supposedly smuggled to his 32nd story hotel room (not to mention the 20 rifles).

It was this shooting which led to the resulting less than awe-inspiring footage.

People on the ground and many standing around erect as the shooting starts...and continues.

No screaming, no shouting, no stampeding.

More shooting, more people standing around, why even music starJason Aldean continued to play and sing on stage, oblivious to the shooting, the stampeding crowd
 and (I guess), any radioed instructions or warnings from his crew and his management.

Indeed, an unimpressed, un-alarmed, unbothered Jason Aldean going about his business ON THE BIG CONCERT SCREEN  during the shooting is on of the lease impressing and most phony-looking and hilarious segments of the entire ‘massacre.’

And of course - no footage of ricocheting bullets

...no wounded people

...no  dead people...

...no blood...

...no stampeding...

...no real commotion...

...no screaming or shouting...

...people standing erect...

...people sitting down and  talking...

...ok, a lot of people sitting down (remember the guy was shooting a machine gun)

...people smiling...

...a person exclaiming “they’re not real gun shots!”.

...people only half crouching (seemingly in boredom)...

...an unconcerned Jason Aldean going about his guitar playing (without getting alarmed or shot)...

...which is just about the most unimpressive and phony-looking footage of a ‘massacre’ ever seen on TV.

The pretend-it’s-real drill director must have been tugging at his hair at this point!

He must have pulled out tuffs when no ambulances and no firetrucks (zero!) showed up to transport the supposed 50 dead and 500 wounded to the hospital.

But the phony massacre is nothing compared to the reality of what happened just a few hours after the event.

Withing minutes of the event and on live TV, the news anchors were already reading their teleprompter scripts describing it as “the biggest massacre in modern US history”

How did they know exactly how many were dead, how many were wounded...and and that this was the largest massacre in US history (outside the Indian genocide, of course)...just minutes after the massacre?

The scene that that same morning in that same location was even more incredible.

The area was officially a crime scene.

The weird thing is the morning after that terrible night...

....the scene of the crime was NOT sealed off...

...was NOT crime-taped...

...was NOT put off limits...

...leaving the parking perfectly clean and orderly...

...just as if nothing had happened in the first place...

...no bloodstains from those 500 shot people and those 50 shot-dead people polluted even one square foot of the scene of the massacre...

...which is strange...because I got a big stain in the asphalt just emptying my water heater last night.

Making this one of the cleanest massacres in US history.

But the ‘witnesses’ were all right there on TV.

People who looked to the side as they talked, as if trying to remember some script.

People who actually smiled and laughed as they told of the horrors of the massacre. Why one witness was so smiley and upbeat he even got the interviewer to smile!

Then ‘pictures’ of the traumatic even began leaking out, including...

...sheriffs deputies busting into the hotel with full riot gear...

...with one of them SMILING.

...while the brother of the supposed gunman smiled and even laughed as he described his brother and how clueless he himself was about what happened.

...while another witness laughed as he described himself hiding under a bus with his son sheltering (supposedly) for dear life while bullets struck the ground around them.

But alas, if you look at the footage  you can’t really see any bullets hitting any ground anywhere.

Meanwhile here in Phoenix, reporters were waiting at the airport waiting to interview Phoenician massacre eyewitnesses right as they debarked from their flights.

Question: how did these reporters know these people coming in from Vegas had anything to do with the massacre?

Who told them, the massacre victims themselves? Relatives? Google?

Anyhow, the ‘witnesses’ just back from their trip had equally harrowing stories to tell.

Witnesses, witnesses everywhere.

We are supposed to overlook the way they keep staring off to the side as they try to remember their scripts, break out into weird smiles and laughter and lack any real human emotion considering the ‘event’ they had been through.

The secret establishment always has plenty of witnesses - bad unconvincing ones.

So I am sorry to let down all the bleeding hearts and condolence givers over this matter.

But the truth is they served us another false flag scripted event...which did not only NOT make logical sense, but was badly put together, badly acted and badly simulated.

The peak of the comedy was the image of country singer Jason Aldean standing there like a clueless dummie and continue to sing despite all the gun fire and panicking crowds.

So yeah, they have given us one more scripted false flag drill, masquerading as the real thing.

Once more, because the establishment media will once again march in lockstep with each other to say (not prove) that this mess ever happened. 

Naysayers will simply be ignored.

And we can add a little bit of fault to a world of people (both here and abroad) who believe everything they hear (though never see) - as long as the mouth saying it belongs to an establishment spokes person.

One can only hope that they don’t  try to use this badly produced and illogical piece of clatter trap to actually attempt to pass a law to take away our guns.

But it IS tiring to see that the road to gun confiscation keeps basing itself on badly produced cheap drills depicted as reality.

Reality has become one cheap simulation drill after another.

But it is the gun confiscation part which  is important...

...because the government, UN communist occupation troops, Muslims or whatever...

...won’t be able to mass murder the US population..

...until we turn in our guns.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

PBS' Vietnam War: A Review

I have been watching ‘The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns’ (when one starts including the director’s name as part of the title, you can bet there’s a lot of ego there).

Ken Burns is, of course, a Jewish man (and just about the only people seemingly authorized to make any media statements on the war).

Like much of the clatter trap before it, ‘The Vietnam War’ makes pretty much the same statements all the other ‘documentaries’ have made before.

The perpetually intermingled music by our pop star messiahs signaling the ‘pain’ of a generation...

...the American people upset about being deported overseas to an uncertain fate...

...the hopelessly CORRUPT South Vietnamese Government...

...the (somehow) sacrosanct presidential advisors giving the President the best possible advice granted them by their ‘long’ experience...

Above all ‘The Vietnam War’ mini-series works at the level so much history of the Vietnam War seems to work these days - atmosphere.

And Ken Burns is good at it.

Nobody works personal stories like Ken Burns, and it is quite an experience to get down and personal with the people who actually went through this.

But alas, it is the SAME OLD STORY...AGAIN.

An Over-confident America who decides to quell the Vietnam problem by simply showing up.

The tenacious Vietnamese Communists.

The hopelessly corrupt South Vietnamese Regime.

The music, the drugs, the sex, etc.

And let’s not forget the head-wagging ‘isn’t there any other way?’ peace-nik mantra espoused by the leftist peace mongers.

It also had some points which appealed to me.

The Americans are not the useless dope and sex-addled recalcitrants.

Some real heroism on part of the American soldier is shown...

...along with some real atrocities by th North Vietnamese Army (though Viet Cong atrocities have been again traditionally ignored)....

Yet the same bovine narrative persists.

The same tired narrative I am forced to hear over and over again like a broken record when it comes to the Vietnam War.

Commencing with the head-wagging.

Fuck the head wagging.

The ‘film’ starts out traditionally enough without MENTIONING that the American Forces were told to fight a war with its hands tied behind its back.

The documentary  never mentions that China had the Johnson administration so fearful of Chinese intervention that the State Department decided to make Vietnam not so much a war...but a series of supposedly clever socio-political chess moves.

It  never mentions ‘The Rules of Engagement.

US  Armed forces COULD NOT bomb North Vietnamese Harbors (on which ships from Russia and China docked regularly to bring supplies)...
    ...COULD NOT bomb North Vietnamese Airfields...
    ...COULD NOT bomb the North Vietnamese rail system...
    ...COULD NOT march into North Vietnam...

    ...COULD Not cross over into Laos (while the North Vietnamese did daily)

    ...COULD Not cross over into neighboring Cambodia (which the North Vietnamese regularly did)...

    ...COULD NOT bomb across the border into China (whose trains were brining daily supplies to North Vietnam)...

...WERE NOT ALLOWED  to cut off the Ho Chi Min Trail...

Yes, the North Vietnamese had a lot of help alright...from the Johnson Administration.

No mention of this whatsoever  from director Ken Burns.

Repeated over and over again during the documentary is the phrase ‘we could not win.’

Well, not with THOSE rules (of engagement) yet Burns stresses the point that the we could not win because the North Vietnamese would never stop and never give up and they were just so damned dedicated.


According to this philosophy, I suppose  we made a huge in continuing to fight a Japan that would never give up during WW-II.

Look what THAT brought us.

So the documentary makes its contribution in making ‘giving up’ seem reasonable...which is a great piece of Communist propaganda.


In all its complexity, the Ken Burns documentary makes one more contribution to the Vietnam mythos - that most of the Americans involved in creating, misguiding, protesting and ending the war...were communists.

Yes indeed, songwriters, movie stars, members of Presidential cabinets, telecasters, union leaders, experts etc,etc.

Soviet defectors ADMITTED THIS in the 1980‘s.

No mention of any of this post-Vietnam reality by Burnsie.

No mention also about how deeply the CIA was involved in totally mucking up the war.

Of course not.

Also, the documentary goes out of its way to make the war seem very complex.

Now when I ask an expert for an explanation and the first thing he says is “well...its complex” I know that I'm in for a load of bullshit.

Actually the Vietnam War was quite simple:

We helped out South Vietnam for a period of time...and then we abandoned them.

The funniest part of the documentary is how it goes into the details of how hopelessly corrupt the South Vietnamese Army was..and then is forced to admit how it stopped the Communist Easter Offensive COLD in 1972...just like it had done three or four times before with previous Communist offensives.

The documentary then suddenly veers off to remind you that the US Air Force what actually did it...single-handedly.


Like it single handedly eliminated the Viet Cong?

Just like it single-handedly wiped out the North Vietnamese Army?

The truth is a well-supplied South Vietnamese Army stopped the Communists in their tracks (and from all the footage they seemed to have loved doing it).

If only they had remained as well supplied just three years later.

But that is a whole other story of betrayal involving the removal of Nixon (courtesy of the CIA) and of the installation of a drugged President Ford (who could not even manage to keep from falling on his face in public...repeatedly) and who ordered America to “pull out of Vietnam” right in the teeth of an upcoming communist offensive....but that should be coming up soon in the concluding episodes.

And I am very anxious to know how Ken Burns is going to spin THAT.

After all, betraying an ally and leaving him hanging in the face of enemy attack while leaving him with out a single cartridge...

...is a very hard thing to spin indeed.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Reality Check

Don't like being a pessimist, but, in the throes of our sudden optimism, with 'the world order on the run' while all its plans and schemes collapse and we prepare to 'bring America back' we do need a reality check before continuing with our euphoria.

Remember, Napoleon was euphoric in 1812, the Kaiser was euphoric in 1914 Hitler and the Japanese were euphoric in 1941, and we ourselves were euphoric in Vietnam in 1968 after clobbering the enemy at Hue and Khe Sahn. We again were euphoric in 2001 when we clobbered Afghanistan and later in 2003 when we clobbered Iraq...before those places became bloody QUAGMIRES.

Historically, euphoria and over-confidence comes before the fall

And now we are euphoric because Trump won and is going to 'make America great again!'

But what's missing is a total lack of reality check - an orientation of just where it is we stand in relation to reality.

Before shouting once more that “Trump is going to make America Great again!” let’s just check and see where we are, exactly:

Our country has had the Illuminati control system deeply rooted on its soil, consisting of Freemasonic, CFR, Trilateral and CIA control network.

The Internet is no longer in our hands, but in the hands of the United Nations and the European Union in Switzerland, with UN and EU mandates enforced on its censorship.

An entire Spy Grid consisting of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter as well  as the fusion centers and the local FBI-CIA-DIA liasons have been established across the nation.

Our street corners have been installed with face-recognition cameras and snooping microphones, along with cellphone tracking, face recognition and voice recognition software.

And entire spy network has been installed to SPY on US citizens (not the terrorists) and careful files have been made on every American citizen for the last 15  years.

Behavior modifying microwave networks have been established on our streets.

Smart Meters spy on our homes 24 hours a day and relay that information to the government.

Our government has been Infiltrated by Marxists and other Communist Agents at the top levels of government, who seek the dethronement of our government and the subjugation of the United States.

The US is bankrupt, and at $20 trillion in debt, it will soon be UNABLE to pay the interest on this debt.

Our industry has been deported to China - a country which has a complete monopoly over our manufactured goods.

China has majority ownership of US Bonds and can collapse the dollar at any moment.

Our government is totally infiltrated by owned and paid for Congressmen who serve at the foot of the super rich and the Elite.

The US Dollar is on its way to worthlessness - formerly backed by US industry and military power...now backed only by US influence...what will back it up once US influence is ended and its military shown to be a fraud?

Driven by enemy forces and influences at the top, California is seceding from the Union.

The US Military is in a sad position
        -low numbers
        -scant constabulary forces
        -hardware infiltrated by Chinese marlware
        -forces still vulnerable to EMP or EM attack
China is making its move on the South China Sea - THE gateway to Asia and it doesn’t look like the US is going to or can do a damn thing about it.

Our Government and society is so completely infiltrated by the CIA that the agency is not recruiting publicly in most universities.

The Federal Reserve has acquired complete control of the Economy to the extent that the entire Congress sits in awe of the shamanic proclamations of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, taking their meaning as destiny.

Trump has appointed (Goldman Sachs an Illuminati bank) to be in control of his cabinet, a Goldman Sachs employee (to be in control of the Treasury Department (which controls the US Marshals which control the Secret Service who guard the president) and CIA-created Blackwater has been chosen by Trump to personally guard his person and his family!

The US is now Commercially directed by the World Trade Organization and its mandates, which count as LAW in the United States.

George Soros is still free, happy, long-lived...continues to plan the collapse of the United States while freely organizing economic sabotage, rioting and murder...as well as war...to bring American down.

The new 5G network is going ahead at full speed and unlimited amounts of money to finally install a lethal human-killing microwave network by next year.

So as you can see, the odds are not exactly stacked in our favor.

The Illuminati network which has infiltrated our country for the last 130 years is still in place....the same institutions are still there and in control.

New DEADLY Smart Meters are being installed as I type this!

In fact, Trump has kept MOST of Obama’s unelected appointees to the US Government.

So think twice before pulling your head back and crowing

“America is being made great again!”


We got the police acting like a Gestapo by installing and using Cell Phone  interceptors to record all our calls and using their own antenna towers!

The police fusion centers (which create a centralized Federal-Local intelligence network) are in full swing.

The Infragard snitch program continues to expand like a well oiled machine, converting your local businesses into secret spy networks.

The Clergy Response Teams are still going strong, regularly attending workshops and ready to BETRAY the flock to the government for MONEY!

The‘Refugees’ are still being allowed inside the country, provided with home, cars and welfare...while Americans are kicked out or denied Section-8 housing and going homeless.

Russian and other non-American UN troops are still housed either amongst Americans or military bases waiting to be deployed on our suppression.

Chronic 24 hour suveillance of the American people is ongoing, with Manta, Intellistreets, microphoned street lights and the upcoming 5g telecommunications.

UN vehicles and aircraft are appearing more and more regularly in our communities and our streets.

It is becoming harder and harder to get a gun in most metropolitan cities.

Our use of all communication (phones and computers) remains surveilled, recorded and tracked.

Liberalism is quickly evolving into militant liberalism and Marxist Communism, where people are beat up, forced to swear allegiance to liberal values in public, professionals fired, careers ended...and police shot dead...all in the interest of what amounts to disguised Marxist Socialism.

Trump is sequestered and under house arrest at the hands of a CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) general while under the care of a Goldman-Sachs directed Secret Service and a CIA direct Blackwater bodyguards.

The President just decided Afghanistan was not a quagmire after all, and started re-shipping American troops there.

China and Russia are now THREATENING the United States against taking common-sense steps like building anti-missile missiles in South Korea and Europe and boycotting North Korea

Meanwhile our nuclear arsenal continues to be reduced right on schedule by 1/3 without mutual confirmation of supposedly mutual Russian reductions.

The US continues to stretch out is hand to bloody Communist dictatorships like Vietnam, China, Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

America is infiltrated from top to bottom by CONFIRMED Communist spies.

Conservatives are being persecuted, assaulted and even killed.

Federal District Judges regularly interfere with Presidential decisions and policies and these UNELECTED OFFICIALS are acting as the virtual unelected rules of this country.

Cancer and venereal disease rates are going through the roof.

Yearly bills are introduced to suppress the use of natural supplements and natural cures.

Poisonous Fluoride is increasingly added to your water with no signs of being stopped.

The globalists are in trouble?

Which one of the above programs are in trouble?

The New World Order is on the run?

Where and how fast are they running and in what direction?

America is going through a re-awakening?

At what, the value of transgenderism and gay marriage?

Trump seems more and more a symbol and a bone thrown to the outraged American public to make them believe 'things are a changin’ while a popular Uncle Sam type character populates the White house.

Many conservatives are attaching themselves to the myth that the old Patriotic America is on the rise and letting themselves off their guard, while the New World Order policies continue to be carried out right on schedule...and right under our over-confident noses

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

United Nations Will Replace FEMA

One would never think September, 2017 would be the month America began to fall apart.

After all, America is known for its limitless resources, bountiful harvests, a solid economy and a gigantic industrial complex...

...although the latter seems to be more and more of a pipe dream than reality.

You see, the fact is we exported all our manufacturing to Communist China.

We robbed everybody’s retirement account.

As a country we are technically bankrupt.

So yeah, the most important resource we still might have is America’s solid belief in the greatness of America.

More illusion than reality, but a strong one nevertheless, with potential to motivate the American citizen to great deeds...

...provided all the cheap Chinese goods, subsidized housing and government welfare checks are not interrupted.

But nobody even imagined the US would RUN OUT OF MONEY.

Especially in the middle of Hurricane season (which struck a bit late this year...in SEPTEMBER).

But there it is.

FEMA - an agency whose real purpose has always been continuity of government over any rescue of American lives...

...and who proved it during its disastrous symbolic attempt to look helpful during and after Hurricane Andrew, and finally proved itself an unsubstantial cardboard facade during Hurricane Katrina...

...has finally RUN OUT OF MONEY.

Not surprising, considering FEMA’s infrastructure is that of an empty shell, funded to the sky with inflationary dollars and making 100% use of contractors every time there is a disaster.
FEMA showed its true colors when they came across the wretched victims of Hurricane Andrew, pleading for help.

The now famous FEMA call of rescue became well known:


You can imagine how inspirational this call was in time of need...especially when it was being shouted by FEMA personnel carrying machine guns...and offering absolutely no help, food or comfort.

As for the dead, colorful flags were carefully planted by each one, signaling the body-disposal units which followed close where all the dead fools were...for immediate pick up.

Arguable this was FEMA’s most important activity following Andrew - immediate corpse disposal and cover up of just how  many Americans had died.

Do you really think Andrew killed less than 100 people?

Why don’t you ask the people who were actually there?

I remember a conspiracy flare up, complete with bona fide reporters who were suddenly halted the FEMA way - screaming people with machine guns and kept from entering an area where the casualties from a tornado were being stored.

The reporters reported, and soon the internet started running with the idea that there was some sort of plague breaking out (simultaneous with the tornado I suppose).

The truth was the reporter had gotten too close to the CORPSE STORAGE FACILTY where the NUMEROUS corpses of the tornado victims were being stored and hidden.

Anywhere there is a disaster, the corpse disposal people are the first people you will see...not calling out...not looking for survivors...but nosing about looking for corpses and immediately marking them with a small flag flag.

The ghouls who take the corpse out of the way follow closely behind.

At every location there is a large and concealed corpse facility, well guarded by personnel who mean business - shoot to kill business.

Oh the sweet memories...anyway...

The rest of FEMA’s admirable record has consisted of covering up all the American casualties (corpses) produced by hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural catastrophe to keep our country looking like a first world country...instead of, say, Bangladesh.

The image of America where horrible hurricanes hit trailer parks and nobody dies is something that has to be kept alive.

FEMA outdid itself at Katrina, when it shut desperate populations unguarded and unsupervised inside Stadiums to let them die of disease or be killed or gang-raped by roving gangs of criminals.

Way to go Brownie!

So again, it is not surprising to see that FEMA actually (unknown to the American public) ran out of funds right after Hurricane Harvey.

Meaning it has nothing left for Hurricane Irma.

FEMA has presently run out of money!

All of it has been misspent, overspent, stolen or thrown away by the uh...authorities in charge.

The fact of all this was somehow lightened by the tremendous efforts of civilians and churches in Texas (and from various states) who responded immediately with whatever was on hand and saved scores of people (some rescuers losing their lives in the process).

You know, I don’t know what  a heroic population looks like, but I think we are looking at one.

Anyway, barely did Texas start to rebuild than another surprise hurricane emerged from the sea - Irma - and it was headed straight to Miami.

The rumor that FEMA was running out of money was already in the air during Harvey, but with the arrival of Irma, it was semi-official, like in everybody knows it, but government is not talking about it.

The latter was just one more financial whoops that seems to be happening consistency under Trump: CIA runs out of money for operations - Secret Service runs out of money to protect Trump and his family - military runs out of money for training and paying its soldiers - etc, etc, etc.

I don’t believe Trump is responsible for all of this, but he seriously needs to FIRE whoever is really managing the funds of the United States Government.

So now...right at the perfect time...FEMA runs out of money too.

Say, I got an idea: suck all the money out of the refugee program and use it to rebuild America.

Too inhumane and hard-hearted, I thought so...sorry for bringing that up.

I don’t know what those poor stricken Floridians are gonna get, but Florida does not have the reputation for self-helping itself out of emergencies.

Maybe they’ll get the FEMA mercenaries with machine guns?

The main point is FEMA is done broke...

...and that we won’t be able to assemble (and don’t presently have) the infrastructure to put Florida together again.

So what’s going to happen next?

Whatever it is, you can bet it’s all been planned this way.

The United Nations, complete with personnel, equipment and infrastructure will make its appearance.

Its equipment is now being seen nationwide, emerging out of thin air and apparently from out of nowhere.

Its troops can be seen living under cover right amongst us.

US military bases are welcoming entire plane loads of foreign troops

Why do you think this is all about?

Is the UN about to step in and take over FEMA's role?

Well, it might as well...FEMA is bankrupt!

But what I love is the shell game.

The UN (like FEMA) is financed by the United States.

But in these trying times it is FEMA who runs out of money (while our funding to the UN continues fluid and strong).

The only thing is that while the UN is financed by America, it is directed by crypto-Communists (who really take orders from China and Russia).

And you can bet the minute FEMA is admitted to be insolvent, the call for the UN will go out to the four corners of the world.

See that?

Shut down FEMA by letting it dry up for lack of funds....then (masterstroke!) bring in the world-government-directed United Nations (which remains well financed).

Florida could well become the initiation of America’s long-waited UN occupation program....

...and what better place to start it than in a place full of desperate, deprived and starving Americans who won’t do much arguing to begin with?

So there is the whole play laid out right before your eyes.

Chinese, Russian or perhaps even American technology has been used to create all those giant hurricanes out of nothing and aim them at Houston and Miami.

FEMA has been allowed to run out of money.

The United Nations is called to take over the now useless FEMA.


Too bad it’s all a shell game - a CON game...just like the New World Order is bound to be once it fully emerges.

We are being CONNED into passing over our emergency management over to the World Government and the United Nations.

After all, did we not just get done surrendering the entire Internet to the United Nations.

Yes indeed.

The occupatio of the United States is well under way.

This will just be the beginning.

Enjoy Folks!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Attack of the Hurricanes

Attack of the Hurricanes...

...and they totally match up with hostilities mounting against China.

Harvey literally came out of nowhere...

...ending a 12-year absence of category 3+ hurricanes.

That’s more than a DECADE without real hurricanes.

Though, granted, the last ten years were have been creepily tranquil when it comes to hurricanes - as if nature went to sleep.

Harvey started at night as a tropical storm off the coast of southern Mexico.

Then it augmented quite suddenly and rapidly as a surprise hurricane the very next day.

Not much is made of the fact that Harvey came out of nowhere and took everybody by surprise...suddenly.

Texans were out-of-the-blue warned of a gigantic a hurricane approaching that same night of August 24, 2017.

As if adopting to some weird interference Harvey suddenly seemed to fizzle and run out of gas (following its natural course?) briefly stalling...before suddenly increasing with out-of-control intensity all the way to a category 4.

Now as already made clear, false flags are prepared ahead of time, with collaborators at all locations and at all levels.

The mayor of Houston, a Democratic Party Black man called Sylvester Turner was warned from the beginning and from several sectors this was an emergency...but did his part in refusing to even ADVISE the people of Houston to evacuate the city ahead of the monster hurricane, assuring everyone it would miss Houston and everything would be alright.

How is it this mayor thought he knew better than the experienced meteorologists who were warning him of impending disaster?

This collaboration of Blacks in bringing in disaster and the police state upon our country can sometimes be unnerving.

Just look at Barak Obama,  Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and New Orlean’s Chief of Police Ewin P. Compass (“no one will be allowed to be armed”) and the others.

Also, I am astounded at the number of Blacks who are Chief of Police in cities across the country.

Am I a racist?

No, I have noticed this Black clique, who have their basis in black Prince Hall Masonry and global institutions, are totally obedient to the unconstitutional decisions of government and occupy the highest positions of police and government (just google the police chiefs across the nation and see the African America bias).

And these people tend to be always pro-globalist and anti-constitution.

Anyway, as Harvey continued, struck the coast of Texas and caused major flooding, it was like a repeat of Katrina.

The only thing missing was the “gun confiscation” order by the police chief.

Texans were too smart to disarm the population of law abiding citizens in the middle of a possible criminal crime wave.

But again, shades of Katrina when civilian rescuers and the police were SHOT AT as they went about their rescue operations.

The meda says it was gangs and crooks doing the shooting, but Katrina showed private contract security, especially Blackwater (under one of its many aliases) showed a propensity to shoot at people (and the police) wherever they show up in the capacity of a law enforcement arm...because they are agent provocateurs.

If caught they just flash their security contract badges to the dumb fucks who don’t suspect they work for the CIA.

So, nonsensical shooting at police and helicopters - check!

What’s missing?

Oh, the dykes and levees.

During Katrina, the main levee was BLOW APART with explosives.

The Army Corps of Engineers who supposedly maintains dams, dykes and levees, was not only suspected of demolishing the levee that caused the Katrina flooding, but of opening up more levees to keep them from ‘being breaced.’

My question is what is the difference between being breached and opening up the levees themselves?

And during Harvey they were true to form.

All the dykes, levees and dams in the Houston area WERE opened to cause the record flooding (80+ feet of it) which basically destroyed what was left of the Houston business district on the aftermath of Harvey - on 8-29-17 - during a lull in the rainstorm.

Which leads me to the question, what are these guys doing to prevent the troubled Oroville Dam from collapsing in California?

Are they feverishly working there to prevent THAT catastrophe?


Oh...Just as I thought.

They’re not doing a damn thing!

They did a damn good job, though in opening up all the dams and levees in Houston, leaving most of the city a submerged wasteland and destroying the city’s economic future. So open levees - CHECK!

Mysterious shooters, no advance warning or preparation for the hurricane, open levees and dams, leaking and exploding chemical plants. CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!

So we got full treachery and collaboration during these hurricane attacks by people on the INSIDE.

They are saying Houston is already economically destroyed during this catastrophe (and accompanying sabotage,of course).

But why should it end there?

We’ve to ANOTHER hurricane suddenly sprouting up in the Caribbean - Hurrican Irma...

...which came out of nowhere, and quite suddenly...and is now making a beeline for Florida.

Like Harvey, it has also sputtered...before making a surprising comeback as a new Category -6 hurricane (a new category to classify wind speeds never reached before in the Atalntic ocean)

And guess what.

FEMA shot its entire wad of money during Hurricane Harvey...and has no money left to deal with any more hurricanes.

Combine that with the totally corrupt Florida system...and you’ve got the making of a major disaster.

Yes, up comes Hurricane Irma, (guided?) right across the Caribbean islands and smashing them completely, one after another.

A hint at the artificiality of it all might be the brief detour Irma took as to Cuba, only skimming along the northern coast of Cuba and leaving the island more or less intact.

After all, isn’t Cuba a communist friend of Russia and China?

During the weather wars, it doesn’t pay to hurt ones friends!

And it IS a weather war.

First Harvey emerges from the Caribbean like Godzilla, then Irma emerges form the Atlandic and makes a beeline for Florida...and Irma is worse that Harvey - being a record hurricane of never reached Category-6 (a category they just made up to accommodate Irma’s strength).

Did you hear the nuclear power plants in Florida might uh...be affected by the rain and wind to FAIL and cause a nuclear catastrophe like Fukushima?

It always pays to prepare the human mind for a PRE-PLANNED false flag operation, so it seems all the more credible when it happens.

So we are left with Harvey having devastated Houston and Irma now rolling up to Miami like well place bowling ball...

...all during a period of escalating tension with North Korea and China.

But we aren’t angels.

Expect a counter-strike of catastrophes against China and North Korea which will include record earthquakes, hurricanes and flooding...

...you can count on it...in fact, we’ve done it before.


... WW-III has only just begun.

Friday, September 1, 2017

China Pushes Japan's Button

Unnoticed by most of the world is the fact that China has put itself on an inevitable collision course with Japan.

Why could this be?

Because China is now threatening Japan’s line of communication.


By claiming ownership of  the Spratley Islands, which sit astride  the Japanese main artery running from the Straits of Malacca to Japan proper.

In case you haven’t gotten the gist of things yet, let me be clear: THIS is an existential threat to Japan...and the Japan knows it!

By occupying and building military air and naval bases on the Spratleys (which it is now doing) China stands ready to cut off Japan from most of its world trade, not to mention the World.

China knows it too, but its new attitude (which goes along with it newly acquired military and economic strength) seems to be “there’s nothing that can be done about it; it’s an accomplished fact...and you’re going to have to live with it!”

An attitude that it is presently confronting the very United States with...so that its concern with Japanese alarm is paltry to insignificant, to say the least.

But this could be a miscalculation.

One has to understand Japanese culture, history and outlook to realize the effects of what China has just done and how alarmed Japan really is.

Japan consists of a bunch of rocky volcanic islands which contain no petroleum, few minerals, some coal and little growing soil.

In other words, Japan can neither feed, fuel nor supply itself from its own natural resources.

Indeed, Japan’s only real natural resource is the resourcefulness of its own people, which has catapulted these resource-starved islands to the peak of economic power.

But in spite of this, Japan has no delusions about its power...or its reality.

Japan is eternally PARANOID about its shipping lanes and fearful of what happened during WW-II...could happen again.

During WW-II Japan had its shipping lanes cut by the US Navy and it was diminished to mass national starvation before it finally surrendered in 1945.

Since then, Japan’s greatest fear is that it could happen again.

And its behavior has proven how seriously the nation takes this threat.

To try to appease its eternal fear of being cut off, the Japanese government has supported several desperate policies throughout the decades.

The Japanese instinctively  know that if Japan is cut off...Japan dies.

To help soothe these feverish nightmares, the Japanese government has kept a strict constancy in its policies of survival.

To keep its farming industry alive, Japan has heavily subsidized the Japanese farmer (who would otherwise be unable to compete against the United States and Australia) and kept him going at heavy cost so that Japan might be able to produce its own food...in time of a war embargo.

The farmer in Japan produces a good product, but only at a very high cost, which the government attempts to hide by enforcing very high tariffs on foreign products...while paying farmers to continue farming.

In spite of all this Japanese food production is still lacking and Japan depends on imports to feed itself.

Needless to say, the Japanese government invests a fortune in Japan’s fishing fleet (which is notorious around the world) in order to make sure Japan can draw food from the sea in time of war embargo.

A controversial ongoing policy of the Japanese government has been the on going support of the unprofitable whaling fleet, which fails to bring in any profit while the Japanese themselves refuse to eat whale meat.

Regardless, the Japanese Government keeps it operating in order to keep all its whalers employed and all its whaling ships ready...in case Japan is cut off and whale meat becomes desirable.

Needless to say, the government support of Japan’s whaling fleet is controversial and has no economic basis, and its purpose has now been diminished to “research purposes” as  they are permitted to catch record low numbers of whales as a form of ongoing practice to keep the crews honed and skilled...in case of an emergency.

Japanese economic policy was even extended to the fishing and killing of dolphins, which the world finds so abhorrent and remains controversial.

So you see, Japanese policy when it comes to food is really military policy...to prevent starvation in case of war.

It is sort of an open secret that the Japanese Navy itself exists in large part to protect Japan’s fishing fleet.

So Japan’s ongoing alarm at merely the possibility of being cut off is not only obvious but evident.


It’s enough to say that Japan’s economy did not fully recover until the mid-1960‘s and that the Japanese who lived the first 20 years of the postwar in economic insecurity, borderline starvation and general depravity.

You have to talk to the old Japanese to find stuff like this out.

Japan began growing confident and proud of itself in the 1980‘s during the peak of it’s economic prosperity, and even began buying up large tracts of American real estate.

All this over-confidence and bravado came to an end in the late 1980‘s when the Japanese real-estate market collapses along with its banking industry.

The ‘invincible’ Japanese economy went into a tailspin from which it STILL hasn’t recovered and left Japan an unpleasant place in which to make a living right up to the present.

Japan’s confidence was again misplaced and the Western economic system on which it depended was brought down around its head.

And the Japanese KNEW this.

And they KNEW who did it, too.

Would you believe the Japanese economists KNOW George Soros and his banking structure brought down Japan in the late 1980‘s?

And it wasn’t only Japan, but also the other upcoming Asian territories like Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, and South Korea - it was called the collapse of the ‘Asian Tigers.’

Japan knows GEORGE SOROS brought them down in the late 80‘s, along with all the other Western-friendly nations.

And the Japanese re-learned another valuable lesson:

‘The West is untrustworthy, mercenary, is never a true friend and can in fact be treacherous.’

This was the second time Japan had to learn this.

The first time was when America pretended to be a friendly neighbor...before suddenly hitting Japan with a total embargo right in the middle of a war with China and possibly Russia.

And it was also a tragedy that Japan was totally dependent on the oil imported from the United States of America - the biggest source of oil in the Pacific (which also made sure to warn Japan away from oil-rich Borneo and Indonesia).

The result is famously remembered as...Pearl Harbor.

As stated, Japan later thought it had found a surprise friend in the United States at the end of the war, when America presented itself as Japan’s protector.

That is until the purposeful western-designed  Soros-sponsored economic collapse of Japan in the late 1980‘s.

So you see, Japan has been TWICE betrayed by the West in the last century and now sees that there is only one entity it can trust: JAPAN.

Experts in the subject are sure Japan takes the Security Treaty’s nuclear defense  promise from America at less than face value.

Careful study of the accord reveals the IS NO actual set-in-stone provision for America actually launching a counter-strike against anyone nuking Japan.

In fact, the Treaty basically leaves it up to the whim of the President sitting in the White House at the moment.

And besides...COME ON!

America opened up friendly relations with Communist China and shared its technology with North Korea - both hated Communist enemies of Japan.

The Japanese are inscrutable and hold their cards close to their chest,so that they never openly REACT to political outrages...such as Japan’s betrayal against China and North Korea or Japan’s designed economic collapse... but you can bet they remember.

Even right on the doorstep of  Pearl Harbor, Japan kept its manners and its protocol-like composure right up until to the attack.

Therefore Japan’s disappointment and distrust of the West is not obvious,but it is there...due to repeated experience...it is there.

So Japan likes to show itself as large, tech-savy, progressive, modern nation...but hides deep inside is an insecurity and an edgy nervousness of a nation who feels it really has no friends and is in a danger of one sort or other at any moment (of either boycott, embargo, economic collapse or war)and which proceeds cautiously and with a prayer on its lips at every step, while it smiles broadly to the world.

The reality is Japan has always existed on the edge and in fear.

China (though she has worries) does not know what is is like to live on an empty volcanic island, dependent on trade and commerce and the ingenuity of your people just to keep from starving... while fearing every moment of your existence of some economic, financial or military blow which might bring you down.

And China’s virtual acquisition of the Spratley Islands is one step closer to making Japan’s nightmare of a total cut-off a reality.

Within the secret meetings inside the top Japanese command center, the growing emotion is now FEAR and a Japanese attitude similar to just before Pearl Harbor: that “war is inevitable.”

Inevitable because Japan now either fights...or dies.

Chine seems to be aloof of all this.

The truth is they just pushed Japan’s button.

Why is war inevitable?


If China occupies the Spratleys, the Japanese LIFELINE to the rest of the Eastern Hemisphere of this world is cut.

Japan becomes unable to neither import or export any anything...

...and the sustainability of Japan comes to an end.

The core of the problem is cutting off the Straits of Malacca, the narrow strait between Malaysia and Indonesia, through which 100,000 ships pass every year, along with 80% of all Japanese oil...and through which Japan exports and imports to South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America.

What say you?

The Straits of Malacca are well south of the Spratleys?

Well, the Japanese commercial artery passes through the Straits of Malacca and then heads up north, between Vietnam and the Philippines before arriving to Japan.

It is the route between the Philippines and Vietnam which will be cut should the Chinese occupy the Spratleys (over which they have now claimed total control).

The Chinese declaration of possession might as well be a declaration of war as far as Japan is concerned.

Make no mistake.

Japan was already in a psychological war-footing when it came to the issue of keeping Japan’s sea lanes open.

The policy is still there and the war-footing is about to switch from the realm of the psychological to the realm of reality.

Japan has already demonstrated its ability to go APE SHIT when it comes to the threat of isolating the Japanese from natural resources - WW-II proves that.

Japan did not bat an eyelid before going to war against the United States of America after it cut off Japan’s oil in 1941.

What makes you think Japan will blink before going to war against the People’s Republic of China when that lifeline is again threatened?

And one has to consider that Japan’s cities are now protected from a Chinese nuclear strike by the US-Japan Security Treaty.

Yes, China CAN expect  a full-blown naval war with Japan should it ever attempt to build any air and naval bases in the Spratleys.

The problem is China doesn’t seem to be expecting it...while the building of bases has not only commenced, but is continuing...

...while China proceeds to threaten Taiwan (a Japanese ally) and claim the Japanese Senkaku Islands as well...

...while Japan not only awaits but EXPECTS the US Navy to join in the hostilities...

...and China sees a logical expansion of naval hostilities to include an attack on KOREA...

...and Russia is caught in the dilemma of having an active military alliance with China...


...is anybody up for a game of political Dominoes?

Where else can all this go...except to hell?

The Japan-China situation could actually be the one which ignites World War Three.

Friday, August 25, 2017

WannaCry: Practice Run for Total Shutdown

The dry run for the shutdown of the United States began in May, 2017.

It was then that a powerful new type of virus (of a type called a trojan) made its appearance.

The new WannaCry virus which appeared was indeed a sophisticated and frightning creature.

Supposedly a ‘ransomware’ program, which holds your computer hostage, it encrypts all of your files and then threatens to erase them if a ransom is not transmitted electronically in Bitcoin.

The attack occurred unexpectedly and the virus was seemingly everywhere in Europe and the United States.

It struck UK Hospitals, Renault, and other corporations in Russia, China, Poland, England and Spain.

Shocking was the virus’s ability to...

1) be transmitted from computer to computer without anyone ever having to open any files...or access any sites. All one had to do is leave the computer connected to the Internet - the virus makes its way by itself!


The attack progressed quickly until a ‘hero of the hour’ appeared and the attack was ‘stopped in its tracks’ as if by a miracle.

The hero was the Cisco corporation, who discovered the antidote by “accident” when they found the URL which was spreading the virus, registered it, took control of it and shut it down.

Now...I don’t believe in heroes...I don’t believe in miracles...and I don’t believe inf fairy tales - like this one.

What Cisco actually did was simply shut down the dry run of a drill...which seemed to have turned out to be a resounding success.

It was a practice drill for infecting and destroying the computers of the West which was launched by Microsoft and the NSA!

Come on, IBM is an intelligence front for the NSA.

Bill Gates is an NSA asset.

Did you know Bill Gates, IBM and Microsoft are intelligence fronts for the NSA?

The French Newspaper Le Monde exposed Gates as a US intelligence mole decades ago. No word of this discovery in the United States, however.

 The Reality: Microsoft is an NSA front founded by an NSA agent - Bill Gates

Bill Gates talents were seen wanting when he was simply hired by the NSA to pose as a hack and buy the DOS operating system from its original ‘inventor’ who then simply let Bill Gates have DOS and build his fortune. Bill Gates in actuality invented nothing!

The truth?

The NSA simply gave Bill Gates the DOS operating system on which he built his fortune.

DOS and ‘Windows’ (the operating system Gates supposedly invented to handle DOS) became widespread and gained universal acceptance WORLDWIDE.

And you know, there are two miracles in the history of the English-speaking people.

1) they made English the universal language of the world


2) they made Windows the universal operating system of the world.

Undoubtedly, there must have been all sorts of shadowy shenanigans to make this happen like bribery, betrayal, blackmail and murder, but why think about that?

The miracle was, that in spite of all the software expertise in this world and many private developments of software platforms (like Linux and Unix) it was only WINDOWS that pulled ahead of everyone and gained in popularity...in spite of its many shitty incarnations.

Later Bill Gates (being the talentless stooge that he is)just STOLE Apple’s system of mouse cursor and icons and used it as part of Windows.

No challenge, no problems, no fuss.

Today Windows still sucks and has as many back doors as San Francisco has glory holes...but its still popular because the entire infrastructure of the data industry is based on it.

In fact, the armed forces of many countries run their army’s on Windows (which is stupid, as the Iraqi Army found out in 1991 when its entire infrastructure was sabotaged by the NSA).

But back to the story.

The NSA and its tool, Microsoft introduced the WannaCry Virus in a dry run for cyber-attack on the Western World.

What? You thought the NSA was our friend?

Did you ever hear of a CIA-NSA-FBI joint operation called 9-11?


On April, 2017,a mysterious group called ‘Shadow Brokers’ released a hacking cache of programs to the public...which included Double Pulsar and Eternal Blue (hacking tools which targeted Microsoft's vulnerability) and which were indeed ‘stolen’ from the NSA.

The cache also provided enough tools to be quickly added to other publicly available tools

In the spy game, ‘stolen’ is a word used to justify the covert handing over or classified information to a mole traitor which then delivers it to the enemy.

On March 14, 2017, Microsoft released the security update for Windows (which included to credit to its creator, as they normally do) which corrected the vulnerablity created by this publicly released software. Too late!

By May 12, 2017, Double Pulsar and Eternal Blue had been implanted in 400,000 computers supposedly by independent hackers who discovered, opened and used the unsolicited free hacking software.
It was soon discovered the program is able to copy itself from one computer to another on a local network...and even transmit itself over the internet...with no human interaction whatsoever.

Once the virus worms itself into a computer, it immediately gets to work, executing one malicious command after another.

I am not even mentioning the ransomware aspect of it, because that is simply a distraction of what a DESTROYER this virus is.

Spreading quickly across the world, the virus began targeting the corporations of the West.

Meanwhile, the reaction to this EMERGENCY by both Microsoft and the NSA was slow and lackadaisical with a complete lack of urgency or even warning to the rest of the word.
As mentioned the program soon spread itself from computer to computer through the Internet.

And once in it ordered the computer to EAT ITSELF -start destroying (erasing) all its files and programs right down to the operating system itself.

What you had after the infestation of this virus was basically a dead and empty computer.

The distraction I was talking about - the ‘ransom’ aspect of the program - was quirky, frequently did not work and was often phony (like the front that it was) nor did it seriously try to collect any money (supposedly the main reason for the WannaCry virus.

So yes - the ‘ransom’ aspect of this ‘ransomeware’ was just a cover for the reason to unleash this KILLER VIRUS.

It created havoc across America and Europe in very little time.

And there were other follow up viruses, some originating in the Ukraine, which added to the havoc., like destroying the computers of British Airways with a massive IT crash.

But let’s concentrate on the facts here.

A shadowy group called ‘Shadow Brokers’ releases free hacking software cache publicly through the Internet - a hacking cache which was PROVEN AND ADMITTED to have been ‘stolen’ from the NSA.

The virus quickly proceeds to spread through the Internet on Windows platforms while both Microsoft and the NSA do nothing.

The virus quickly spreads and creates HAVOC.

Let’s replay that, using our reality glasses:

An NSA front called Shadow Brokers, releases a free cache of hacking tools (created by the NSA) which contains the WannaCry Virus.

Independent hackers (supposedly) discover, open and start utilizing the NSA hacking tools throughout the Internet.

The Virus soon spreads and begins causing havoc with computers across the world.

Microsoft (whose Window vulnerability the virus exploits) and the NSA (whose main job is cyber-security) do NOTHING!

The virus soon spreads out of control, shutting down entire corporations and banks (a fact kept secret from the public).

Suddenly Cisco (another US intelligence front company) saves the day by shutting down the URL from which the virus is spread.

Any investigation as to who, what and where this URL was established, NSA?

Didn’t think so.

The danger is over as the evil virus-spouting URL is shut down by a private corporation (i.e. no thanks to the NSA or Microsoft).

Like I said, I don’t believe in fairy tales.

The dry run was simply shut down by the NSA to keep from creating premature world cyber-havoc.

A miraculous happy ending, according to the controlled media, Microsoft and the NSA.

What was not emphasized?

1) this was a live drill - a practice run - carried out by the NSA

2) the WannaCry virus spread automatically form computer to computer using the Internet

3) the virus DESTROYED computers en masse, leaving them empty and useless

4) the dry run was suddenly brought to halt, like any controlled experiment.

Now, let’s use our imaginations a little bit.

Can you imagine what a militarized covert version of WannaCry could to the world?

No, don’t imagine, calculate! what could happen when WannaCry infiltrates and DESTROYS our...

...municipal water network...

...electrical grid...

...banking structure...

‘...medical infrastructure...

...rail network...

...stock market...

...nuclear power plants...

...traffic lights...


...It’s All Run by Computers, Folks!!!

Now before continuing, let me remind that the WannaCry is a virus that spreads itself...and eats computers from the inside out...leaving them empty dead husks of what they used to be...

...but while we’re at it, why not delve into true evil and speculate what they might do with it.

As a matter of course, the NSA has made it clear, it might engage in A COVERT ATTACK ON AMERICA AND EUROPE.

After all, you don’t think an agency involved in carrying out 9-11 is a friend of the United States, do you?

And if NSA-sponsored Communist Chinese and Russian participation in our GridEx  power grid wargames is any indication, then you can pretty much guess on which side the NSA (like the CIA) is on.

Is GridEx really a practice on how to protect ourselves against cyber-attack on our grid...or how to coordinate with the Russia and China on how to bring it down?

Nevertheless, I am sure you can imagine what a cyber-attack (by our own intelligence agencies) on our infrastructure can have on our society.

No water, no money, no commerce, no electricity, no traffic lights, no transport of goods, no rail, no air traffic, etc.

But it gets better (or should I say, WORSE).

Recently they have been speculating on how an EMP (Electrical Magnetic Pulse) can be produced by an atomic bomb in sub-orbital space can draw us back to the stone age.

Again, I don’t believe in fairy tales...and I don’t believe an un-tested theory whose effect has never been tested in the real world will suddenly bring fantastic results akin to the movie ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’.

And it that weren’t enough, not the theory comes out that a mere ‘solar flare’ could knock out all power on Earth.

Do you know how far the Sun is from the Earth?

Do you know what the Ionosphere is?

Anyway...like I was saying about fairy tales.

Read Below for all the reasons

The Solar Flare / Nuclear EMP LIE!

But the fact of it NOT being possible is no deterrent to the possibility that it won’t happen anyway...and that it will all be blamed on either a Solar EMP (in peacetime) or a nuclear EMP (in during wartime).

Both are false whoppers as far as explanations go.

But imagine if a virus like WannaCry is deployed.

Not obviously, nor imminently, nor openly...

...but covertly, secretly and invisibly like a Trojan virus.

True, WannaCry viruses could be used by opposing sides to infect the world into a virtual stone age or...

...be used in a giant plot using either the nuclear or solar EMP fairy tale to conceal the real cause of an engineered catastrophe...

Under this scenario, the virus would enter millions of computers unnoticed and totally ignored...and then just sit there and do nothing....

...until the signal is given (most probably around 3:00 am in the morning local time) for the Trojan to activate.

Immediately the computer-eating Trojans get to work, turning computers into empty husks by the time people start arriving at work.

Leave the rest to the corporate controlled mass media.

“Iran detonates an EMP!” or “Solar Flare Wipes Out Society!” might be the headlines appearing right after the event.

The truth will be, of course, that everything has been eaten up overnight by a WannaCry type Trojan virus...deployed by the NSA itself.

Well, what’d ya know, overnight you got your martial law and your medieval peasant society all rolled into one.

This is why I think fairy tales are also dangerous.

They fool people into believing them...

...instead of running out, arresting the perpetrators...and hanging them from the highest rafters!

True computer virus attacks like this could be avoided by simple security features like having computers activate modems only when Internet access is activated by the user...or just plugging and unplugging the Ethernet wire by hand when one stops using the Internet.

But the purpose of the Internet was never safety and security, was it?

It was control.

And that is exactly what it does so well.

The NSA has clearly demonstrated its capacity in making computer-eating viruses and its propensity of releasing them into the world at large.

Janet Napolitan clearly stated in her farewell (to Homeland Security) speech that it was not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ our infrastructure would be taken down by a cyber-attack.

As an Federal and National Intelligence covert agent...she WAS in a position to know.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Charlottesville Provocateur Propaganda

What happened in Charlottesville, Va was nothing more than a staged piece of provocateuring false flag propaganda.

Sometimes I wonder how smart the Illuminati really are, to be staging shit like this and expecting us to follow along in a monkey-see-monkey-do manner.

Then I saw the follow up ‘march’ in Boston and I thought “yeah, we really ARE this stupid.’

The Boston ‘protest’ was again a reaction against a gathering of racists and ‘nazis’...that didn’t prevent the demonstrators holding up signs calling Trump a racist and calling for his impeachment.

Oh, I get it now, it was an ANTI-TRUMP protest...disguised as an anti-Nazi rally (other sources were saying it was an anti-racist rally...whatever).

But get the message?

It was an anti-racist rally in reaction to a Nazi rally (which in the end attracted a mere 50 Nazi provocateurs).

This dwarfed the other sided "protesting racism" which numbered THOUSANDS.

But the massive anti-racist demonstration in Boston was advertised in the media as being held against the ‘conservatives’ who were rallying.

But the nation got the message.

The Bostonian provocateurs and their stooges who had rallied against the Nazis ultimately came out against...you guessed it:Trump...because (get it)..Trump is a racist Nazi, along with all his supporters.

That makes as perfect sense...as does the bait and switch mid rally reality in which the media irresponsibly depicts Trump and his supporters as Nazis.

Now the prior Charlottsville rally was advertised to the public as a patriotic rally to save Southern war memorials and monuments.

When gullible patriotic Americans showed up to support not destroying their monuments,  they were met by gaggles of helmeted and armed agent provocateurs dressed up as Nazis and Klu Klux Klanners and posing as allies.

The smarter patriotic Americans turned right around and went home.

The ones who wanted to defend their monuments shrugged and stayed.

Boy was THAT  a mistake.

For soon, coming right around the corner were masses and masses of Antifa counter-protesters as well armed as the Nazis....

...while the police seemed aloof and distant from it all.

The gullible Americans who stayed had just made themselves part of a phony provocateuring false flag operation using BOTH sides as its pawns.

The were subject to the brutal threats and attacks of the Antifa, especially when the police FORCED the far-right protesters to run the gauntlet right through the Antifa protesters.

Needless to say A LOT of media was present to film the proceedings.

Actually BOTH sides belonged to the New World Order.

The pro-monument rally was put together by an ex-Obamamite and Occupy Wall Streeter who was now posing as a conservative.

And, of course, the whole thing was designed to happen a mere 100 miles southwest of ‘The Swamp’ of Washington D.C.

The conservative boobs and real liberals who stuck around were the true cannon fodder of this event who got torn apart by well trained and well conditioned Antifa fighters one side and well equipped and trained Nazis on the other.

The Nazis and Klanners were too well protected by helmets and bullet proof vests to even get scratched.

The Media did the rest.

The pro-monument conservatives who showed up were labeled as ‘Trump supporters, Nazis and racists’ and if you didn’t believe that, they unfurled a giant Nazi flag, made Heil Hitler gestures and marched in full Klan regalia.


‘Trump is a racist!’

‘His supporters  are all Nazis and Klanners!’

‘But don’t worry, ANTIFA is coming to the rescue!’

I think somebody has to have brain damage to believe such infantile nonsense, but there it is.

‘Trump and his followers are Nazis!’

‘Antifa is rescuing America!’

A sacrifical boob form the left was also rendered when a car ran over and killed her as it plowed into a crowd.

Was the car remote controlled, was the lunatic driving the car mind-controlled?

It was all meant to be.

As for me, the minute a protest I am attending starts unfurling Nazi flags and people start putting on their Klu Klux Klan outfits, and they are not told to leave the protest, I am outta there!

No way I’ll be part of that.


Because it is a false flag, and it wants to make you part of it!

Why don’t you just dress me up as a Nazi-Klanner Clown, put a red nose on me, and beat me bloody with a baseball bat?

It is also propaganda, wanting to make America believe American conservatives are Nazis, Klanners and racists!

Get yourself the hell out of there!!!!

Because they’re going keep doing it.

Soros, ADL and FBI organisms assembled BOTH sides of the protests...catching a lot of innocent Americans as boobs and cannon fodder for blood with which to consecrate the protests.

The Boston protest was an even bigger LIE when the media got together to state that Boston was protesting the Conservatives and Trump (they were actually protesting the Klan and Nazis - of which not more than 50 showed up.

What a humungus fucking lie!

‘So to arms, fellow Americans!’ the Media crowed.

‘Boston is rising up against Trump!’

What a complete lie!

But don’t worry, it’s not going to end soon.

There are going to be MORE and MORE staged protests, covered by MORE and MORE lying media and victimizing MORE and MORE innocent Americans.

These insider people are good at this and they have been falsely provocateuring for centuries.

But remember, it’s all staged (and paid for) to add texture and a false narrative to what they are doing - collapsing the United States of America.

The Nazis, Klanners and Anarchists are going to keep showing up. It doesn’t matter that most of them are ADL, FBI, CIA provocateurs.

If the protest organizers are too stupid to tell these people to leave, the YOU should leave.

The government will continue to infiltrate bring down conservative rallies.

Do not participate side-by-side with these provocateurs, especially when there are A LOT of them (because that rally has been well financed).

They have seeded their agents amongst us.

They are out to label patriotic Americans as racists...and then subject them to the brutality of street justice, police action and arrest.


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Illuminati WW-III: Answer to North Korea

North Korea is a puppet state created by Soviet Russia immediately after WW-II.

It was the result of America having invited Russia to enter the Pacific Theater to help America defeat Japan.

The thing was we really needed no help.

In 1945 our advance across the Pacific had shrunken Imperial Japan to little more than its core territory and put her within regular bombing range of our air force, which ruled the skies.

Her sea routes had been cut by our submarines

Unknown to many, Japan was already making proposals to surrender even as she began starving to death.

For us, it was all just a matter of letting Japan rot on the vine.

But the Communists here in America had another idea: "why not let the Soviet Union (Russia) enter the war?"

After all an invasion of Japan would cost us a million more lives!

The fact that our new atomic bomb weapon was standing by, ready to be used was discarded, like all troublesome facts are by the crypto-Communist scenario builders.

Russia HAD to enter the Pacific War, according to these secret Communists, because an invasion of Japan would cost us too many American men.

It didn't occur to any of these fellows that all America had to do to win is just...sit by and wait!

Soviet Russia had already stuck its unwelcome nose in the Pacific War by funding China's Communist guerrilla movement against Japan on the mainland.

Now the American Communists opened the gates of Asia to them.

And the Soviets charged in!

The Soviet Blitzkrieg rammed right into Manchuria and made its way halfway down the Korean peninsula before our atomic bomb (which we suddenly noticed was available) ended the war and forced Japan's surrender.


We Could have either bombed Japan or left Japan cut off Japan to force its surrender.

By inviting  Russia's entry, all we did was hand over China and North Korea as further recruits of the Communist Empire.

We are paying for that today.

Boy are we paying!

Ergo North Korea.

China and North Korea were joint acquisitions of the Communist Empire of Soviet Russia.

They were both Communist nations which operated under the direction of Soviet Russia....and still do today.

And yes, Russia is still 'Soviet' Russia, I don't care how much you admire Putin - a murderous Communist.
(read below)



So we got stuck with Communist China, which protected the North Korean regime after we kicked its ass for attempting  to take South Korea.

  And eventually indeed, China kicked OUR ASS and kicked US out of North Korea (thanks to the help of the CIA - which kept all Chinese military movements secret) and its agents in the State Department -  who kept us from going all out against China.

But let me repeat this.

China kicked US out of North Korea after we invade it.

And let me say this about China too.

China was responsible for our defeat in Vietnam (along with the Communists in the State Department) due to us pulling our punches because of CHINA'S THREAT of entering the Vietnam War as well.

That's two Chinese-caused defeats, folks - Korea and Vietnam!

The second defeat (due to Communist agents within our government and society) actually caused the ABOLISHMENT of the draft here in America.


If that isn't demolishing America, I don't know what is!

Oh, but why stop there?

China (with here State Department Communist buddies) is also responsible for the single-handed demolition of the American Economy!

One would think that the complete de-industrialization of America would be nothing less than than a shocking event heralded the world over (since we only accomplished such a thing with Germany and Japan only after years of round-the-clock bombing!).

But no excitement across the world or at home at all.

We simply packed up all our industries (and jobs and wealth and economic viability that goes along with it) and SHIPPED IT ALL TO COMMUNIST CHINA!

Meanwhile...the sound of crickets.

I guess nothing (important) really happened.

So there.

The Communist Chinese kicked out our Chinese Nationalist Allies out of China, made us lose the Korean War, made us lose the Vietnam War, brought down the Draft and destroyed our economy...and became the world's number one economic power.

  I think perhaps we don't respect Communist Chinese accomplishment enough, don't you?

But why all this talk about Communist China?

Let me re-state the point:

China controls North Korea.

China has given North Korea nuclear weapons.

Russia controls China.

I know this is hard to believe for all the  pro-Putin worshipers, but there it is.

Russia has played us.

China has played us.

America is akin to the clueless dummy with the big butt everybody likes to fool and pick on during recess.

Russia and China like slapping clueless America HARD across his butt, flicking America's earlobes and stickling out a foot to make America fall HARD on the asphalt, while giving America monkey punches on the nards.

That's right, fellow Americans. 

America has been, is and continues to be played with by these Communist masqueraders, while American Communists in our own State Department who should have been hanged a long time ago,  play around with our government and stick broom handles up our collective assholes.

But back to North Korea.

North Korea is a puppet of Communist China and (indirectly) of Communist Russia.

As such it is part of the joint operation by Russia and China on America called WW-III.

Anything North Korea does is on the behalf of China and Russia and for the cause of Communist victory.

North Korea is a PAWN to be sacrificed for the success of the Sino-Russian alliance.

But for now, please understand what a pawn is.

You see the pawns in the game of Chess.

A PAWN'S sole reason is to SACRIFICE itself in the sole interest tricking, distracting or provoking the opponent to fall into some strategy it's master had dreamed up to defeat his opponent.

North Korea is merely a PAWN to make sure to start WW-III...with the West off balance...and Russia and China in a superior position.

Kim Jong Il is expendable.

The North Korean people are expendable.

The importance of the future of North Korea is nothing important.

The important thing is that North Korea do her part to start the US and its allies on the wrong foot in WW-III.

What is the wrong foot?

Well, how about the US deploying ALL its forces to Korea...

...while the Russia attacks Europe.

Or how about...

America starts WW-III with ALL its bases in the Pacific nuked by North Korea...

...and with no supporting infrastructure to support a war with...China!

It doesn't matter that by the time this happens, North Korea is a pile of ash.

Or how about North Korea nuking all the airfields in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan....

...as an appetizer for an all out Chinese attack into those places.

But before proceeding, let me mention just one important thing...

...China is also expendable.

Oh yeah, the Chinese might today consider themselves the overlords of the Pacific and a future world power with a bright future.

But the truth is that CHINA itself is there merely to act as a PAWN for the ultimate victory of Russia.


The US Navy deploys all its ships to the Pacific for war against China...

...and leaves the Atlantic supply line to Europe unprotected...

...from Russian submarines.

Or how about an America already tenderized by a mutually devastating nuclear exchange with China...

...now surrendering to Russia upon being informed that RUSSIA plans a SECOND nuclear strike if she doesn't?

Gotterdamerung anyone?

Didn't think so.

But where were we?

Oh yeah, North Korea.

The point of it all is this?

We need NOW...like in TODAY...a nuclear foreign policy that will STOP this dead-man-walking towards defeat and destruction.

We need to tell off China and Russia NOW...

...because China and Russia are the ones who are using North Korea as a pawn to threaten, intimidate...and ultimately strike us.

Let's not play this stupid game anymore.


Now we have to make a counter move.

Tell China quietly, but seriously...

...that it has very little time to reverse itself...



That's it.

Most of them can build their own nuclear weapons anyway.

They have the nuclear and ballistic technology to do it.

 And the remainder can purchase nuclear weapons on the black market.

How do you think China will feel to wake with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philppines, Singapore, Thailand and Australia all sporting nuclear weapons aimed at her?

Escalation you say?

An invitation to provoke armageddon?

Maybe you missed the point.

China has ALREADY escalated by arming and using North Korea to threaten us and our allies.

Now it's time we do the same.

And if China feels comfortable surrounded by enemy nations sporting nuclear weapons, then let her continue her present policy.

Meanwhile we have to set our foot down.

If North Korea gets nuclear weapons, then EVERYBODY GETS THEM!

Chances are we will save our own skin and that of millions of others by DOING THIS NOW!!!

We must answer with an eye for an eye.

The nuclear genie is already out of the bottle.

Our counter to China's proliferation of nuclear weapons must be...